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Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free and Special Needs Options.

Nutritional Counseling Avalable.

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With nearly 100 different teas, we have a tea for everyone!

We serve only the very finest teas, acquired from small growers. With our very own Divine Lotus Tea Company, you can be assured that every pot or canister of tea is the very highest quality available.

Our herbal teas are our own blends created by our in house herbalist and nutritionist, Toni Hodge. Our healing blends do what they're supposed to do and they taste great!


    If you like our tea, or would like to try it, go to the Divine Lotus Tea website by clicking here.


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Shangri-La Tearoom opened it's doors in 2006 with only one goal in mind; to serve the Boise area by providing healthy plant based foods, high quality teas, herbal medicines and nutritional advice.Beyond that, we wanted to create a space that encouraged awareness and personal growth. A place where the community could come together and share creativity and inspiration of all kinds.


We have always been very frugal, but because of a large increase in our lease payment, loss of space and recent bad weather, we find it very difficult to continue to meet our obligations.


Please partner with us and help us continue our vision for a better Boise and a better world. Please become a Friend of Shangri-La and consider making a donation or subscribing with a monthly gift.

Thank You!

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